Nidos Intranet

Your guardian

What is Nidos?

You will come across the name Nidos on a regular basis. Nidos is the guardian organization that has been appointed by the Dutch government to carry out the guardianship for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers. Youngsters such as you: youngsters under the age of eighteen, who have come to the Netherlands without their parents. Guardians work at Nidos. As a youngster, you usually have contact with one guardian. It is the task of your guardian to make sure that you develop well, that you go to school and that you are taken good care of. Your guardian wishes you to become an independent, happy person, wherever in the world. In order to be able to help you properly, your guardian must know the details about your background. He or she will take your stories, opinions and information seriously.

What does a guardian do?

Your guardian supports you and is there for you if something is bothering you. Your guardian makes sure for instance that you can live well, that you get an education which suits you, that you are given a lawyer, and that you are registered with a family doctor and a dentist. Your guardian consults with your lawyer, your mentor or your foster parents and your teachers at school in order to make sure that everything has been organized properly. If something is at risk of going wrong, your guardian intervenes. You meet your guardian about once a month. In between meetings, you can of course always call your guardian. You can also speak to your mentor or your foster parents and your teachers at school if something is bothering you. Tell them what they can do to support you. Tell them what is occupying your mind and what you are worried about. They are there to help you

Call your guardian immediately

For some matters, it is better if you call your guardian immediately: if there is news about your asylum procedure, if you wish to speak to your lawyer urgently but you cannot get in touch with him or her, if you have serious problems with your foster parents, mentor or teachers, if you are being bullied by for instance classmates or housemates, or if you are threatened  abused.

What if your guardian is not there?

Your guardian does not always work. Sometimes he or she has a day off or is on holiday for instance. Your guardian always tries to arrange things so that when he or she is absent there are no important matters to arrange. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, so your guardian makes sure that he or she always has a replacement. When your guardian is not there, there is always someone who replaces him or her. In addition, in urgent cases, other guardians who work in the same office as your guardian can look in your file and help you. If your guardian is unexpectedly absent for a longer period, due to illness for example, Nidos will make sure that you receive another guardian temporarily who will take over the activities from your own guardian.

In summary, your guardian listens to you, solves problems together with you, ensures that you grow up to be an independent person and that you are taken good care of, ensures that the IND carefully deals with your asylum procedure, and protects your legal rights. Your guardian can do a great deal for you, but has no say in the asylum procedure. The IND decides whether you may stay in the Netherlands or not.