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Where will you live?

If you are under guardianship with Nidos, there are various places where you can live. If you have family living in the Netherlands, your guardian will consider whether you can live with them. If you do not have any family living in the Netherlands and you are 12 years of age or younger, Nidos will search for a foster family for you. If you are older than 12 years of age and you do not have family living in the Netherlands, you will go from the Application Centre (AC) directly to the first reception, which is for a brief period of approximately three months. Your guardian will then decide which care location suits you best. This could be a commune where you live with a maximum of 12 other youngsters or a small unit, a house where you live under supervision with about four other youngsters. Sometimes, you will live in a larger reception centre, called a campus. You will find more information about these care locations on this page.

UMA care location

If you are aged  13 to 18, during your first period in the Netherlands (maximum of 3 months), you will be taken care of by the COA at a special location, also referred to as a UMA care location [POL-amv (procesopvanglocatie voor alleenstaande minderjarige vreemdelingen)]. During the period at the UMA care location, the activities […]

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Living in a fosterfamilie

Nidos has agreements with foster families of different nationalities. These families are prepared to take youngsters, who are under the guardianship of Nidos, into care in their home for a short or longer period. The reason for this is that many youngsters need the security, warmth and attention of a family. In a foster family, […]

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Living in a small accommodation unit (KWE)

Youngsters between the ages of 15 and 18 can be taken care of by the COA in small accommodation units [KWE]. Youngsters of various nationalities live in these units in small groups (about 4 people). The youngsters who live in a KWE are already reasonably independent but not yet to such an extent that they […]

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Living in a children’s accommodation unit

The COA children’s accommodation units [KWGs] are intended for children who are not yet sufficiently independent and resilient. An average of 12 youngsters live in a children’s accommodation unit, and mentors are present 24 hours a day in the accommodation units. These mentors help you with everyday things such as getting up on time for […]

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Living in an UMA campus

If you are aged between 15 and 18 and you are already quite independent and resilient, you could receive a care location in a special UMA campus of the COA. The campus also accommodates child families, who are brothers and sisters who have come to the Netherlands together, without their parents, and of whom the […]

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