Nidos Intranet

Obtaining your file

After you have turned 18 and you no longer have contact with Nidos, you might need specific documents from your file. In principle, Nidos keeps your file for 15 years. In order to obtain the documents that you require it is best to contact the head office in Utrecht. You can always call and/or send an e-mail. You can ask the head office to send you the form ‘Ex-pupil information request form’ [‘Opvraagformulier gegevens ex-pupil’]. You can also print out the form yourself. Click on this link.

You then fully complete and sign the ‘Ex-pupil information request form’ and return it to the head office. Do not forget to enclose a copy of your identity document (for youngsters under the age of 18, a copy of the identity document of the person in authority must also be enclosed.) Once Nidos has received your form and the accompanying documents, Nidos will search for the documents that you requested and send them to you. However, take into account that this could take one to two weeks because the files of ex-pupils are stored elsewhere in the Netherlands.