Nidos Intranet


The head office in Utrecht accommodates the management and supporting services, such as the staff, information, legal, and P&O departments, and facility management and automation management. The department for guardianship matters which is responsible for pupil administration is also accommodated in the head office.

The actual support of the unaccompanied minor asylum seekers/aliens is provided by juvenile protectors. They work decentralized, from the regional offices. The daily management of the regional offices is carried out by the regional manager. He or she manages the employees at the regional office and is responsible for the office. The regional manager maintains contacts with various chain partners and organizations which the pupils are involved with.

The regional managers are managed by a senior manager, who is responsible for the progress, execution and quality of the Nidos policy.

Each regional office is responsible for the pupils allocated to it. Each office cares for an average of 250 pupils.