Children on the move

Among refugees is a particularly vulnerable group: unaccompanied children. They left their country of origin without their parents. Sometimes they are accompanied by a family member, for example, a grandmother or an adult brother, but they do not have an adult with them who has parental authority. In other words, no one is legally responsible for them during their flight and subsequent stay in Europe. 

This guide is for all those involved in the guidance and support of unaccompanied children. But also for anyone who is simply interested in how children deal with the enormous task of finding their way in an unknown country after going through war, poverty, flight, traumatic experiences, loss, uncertainty and uprooting. The content is based on the knowledge and years of experience of the many participating partners who now form the European Guardianship Network (EGN). 

Working with these children has given them all valuable insights into who the children are and what they need. The guide is therefore useful for guardians, social workers, mentors, teachers, professionals in the child protection system, and all others who may encounter this vulnerable group of children.

Order information:
Author: M.T. Schippers
ISBN: 9789464351088