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If there is a suspicion that a child is growing up in an unsafe environment, this must be reported as soon as possible to a person who can be taken into confidence.

If Nidos is the guardian of the youngster in question, you can contact Nidos by sending an e-mail to This may be done anonymously. However, you must report what you have noticed or what the suspicions are and which child it concerns (address, school, et cetera).

There could be a question of child abuse. This not only means physical violence, such as purposefully beating or kicking or sexual abuse. Child abuse also means not receiving enough care, and being called names or being belittled. Everyone who suspects that a youngster is being abused has the right to report that to the Advice and Support Centre for Child Abuse (link: Advies- en Meldpunt Kindermishandeling): a teacher, a police officer, a nurse, neighbour or family member.