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Safety and complaints

Every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment. If there is the suspicion that this is not happening, this must be reported as soon as possible to the organization that is responsible for the child. On this page you will find information about who you can contact in these situations. You may also have a complaint about the Nidos organization or about the method of work of a juvenile protector. You can then submit a complaint. Finally, Nidos has a special counsellor for foster parents. You will find more information about these subjects on this page.


In the contact with our organization, you could be involved with various employees of Nidos Foundation. The management hopes that the collaboration between you and our employees takes place properly. However, it might be the case that you are not satisfied with the collaboration or the help offered, or that you believe that you have […]

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If there is a suspicion that a child is growing up in an unsafe environment, this must be reported as soon as possible to a person who can be taken into confidence. If Nidos is the guardian of the youngster in question, you can contact Nidos by sending an e-mail to This may be […]

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