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It is important that you grow up in an environment where you feel safe. If you do not feel safe, report this as soon as possible. This could even be a case of child abuse. Child abuse means for instance that you are beaten, kicked or sexually abused, or that you are a witness to domestic violence. In addition, child abuse means not receiving enough care, and being called names or being belittled. Note: child abuse is never your fault!

Do not keep your questions and problems to yourself, but talk to someone you trust as soon as possible. This could be your guardian, a teacher, someone from your family or a friend.

You can also call the child helpline on: 0800-0432; or you can send an e-mail to a special e-mail address of Nidos:

If we receive an e-mail, we will contact you directly in order to gain details about your situation. Next, together with you, we will look at how we can reach a good solution as quickly as possible.