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Safety and complaints

It is very important that you can develop into an independent adult, within a safe environment. If you do not feel safe, for example at school or in the place where you live, confide in someone and talk about it. This could be a case of child abuse. On the following pages, you will find more information about child abuse, safety and persons and organizations that are there to help you.

We also explain how you can submit a complaint if you are really not satisfied about something.


In your contact with the Nidos Foundation, you may be involved with various employees. The management hopes that you can work together with them in a good way. However, you may feel that you are being treated less well or even badly. Of course, it is best to talk to the employee in question. If […]

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It is important that you grow up in an environment where you feel safe. If you do not feel safe, report this as soon as possible. This could even be a case of child abuse. Child abuse means for instance that you are beaten, kicked or sexually abused, or that you are a witness to […]

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