Nidos Intranet

Future prospects

Nidos believes that after your asylum application you should receive a reply as soon as possible regarding whether you will be given a status or not, and whether you may remain in the Netherlands or have to return to your country of origin. The choices which you make for your future are also connected with this. Nidos has no say in your asylum procedure. The Immigration and Naturalisation service [IND] decides whether you will be allowed to remain in the Netherlands or not. If the decision is made that you have to return to your country of origin, the guardian has the task of also representing your interests and promoting your development as best he or she can. Your support from the guardian at Nidos is therefore either focused on a future in the Netherlands or a future in your country of origin.




No residence permit

If you do not receive a residence permit and the Dutch government considers that you must return to your country of origin, this must be realized as quickly as possible and in a safe way. If the government cannot realize the return, then this must mean that you will be granted a residence permit after […]

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