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Living in a fosterfamilie

Nidos has agreements with foster families of different nationalities. These families are prepared to take youngsters, who are under the guardianship of Nidos, into care in their home for a short or longer period. The reason for this is that many youngsters need the security, warmth and attention of a family. In a foster family, you usually live together with a foster father and foster mother and other children, either their own children or children who are also in foster care. Children who are younger than 13 are almost always taken care of in a foster family. The foster families whom Nidos works with are sought and supported by a small group of guardians. These special guardians are referred to as OWG workers. The abbreviation OWG stands for ‘Opvang en Wonen in Gezinsverband’ –

reception and accommodation in the framework of a foster family. The OWG worker is the contact for the foster family and makes sure that everything goes well. If you live with a foster family, you will have contact with your guardian, as well as with the OWG worker.