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When you arrive in the Netherlands, you will be tested for TB (Tuberculosis, a serious, sometimes infectious disease) and X-ray photos will be taken. You will not be tested for HIV/Aids. If you have Aids, this will not have an influence on your asylum procedure. It is not the case that youngsters with Aids have a better or worse chance of being allowed to stay in the Netherlands. Safe sex is always the best solution. In the Netherlands, there are good medical facilities for people with HIV/Aids. These facilities are probably not available in your homeland.

In the Netherlands, everyone has a healthcare insurance. Your guardian will make sure that you also receive this insurance. This insurance covers the bills for the family doctor, the hospital, medicines, physiotherapy, et cetera.

Your guardian will also make sure that you are registered with a family doctor and a dentist. Do you feel ill? Do not keep it to yourself and ask for an appointment with the doctor (family doctor). In the Netherlands, you always first visit the family doctor. If it is necessary, your family doctor will refer you to another doctor (specialist) in the hospital.

Together with you, your guardian will look at whether you need particular vaccinations. In the Netherlands, all children are vaccinated against all kinds of diseases and you discuss together whether you also need these injections.