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When you turn 18, the support from Nidos ends. Fortunately, this does not mean that from that time onwards you are alone. The organizations mentioned below can help you if you stay in the Netherlands or if you wish to return to your country of origin. If you click on the name of the organization, you will be taken directly to the website of the organization. You will find much more, detailed information on these websites.

The Dutch Council for Refugees is an independent human rights organization and is aimed at representing the interests of asylum seekers. The Dutch Council for Refugees will give you information and an explanation about the asylum procedure. It will inform, advise and support you personally in going through this procedure and will mediate in the case of problems with other organizations. The Dutch Council for Refugees works closely together with your lawyer in this regard. It will help and support you, but does not have a say in your asylum application.

Mediation Agency for Return promotes a dignified and sustainable return for asylum seekers whose application has been rejected and for migrants without a residence permit. Mediation Agency for Return can for instance provide assistance in the field of provision of information, accommodation, medical care and after-care, education, loans and finding work in the country of origin.

Beyond Borders is an independent and low-threshold programme which is committed to better future prospects for UMAs and ex-UMAs without a residence permit, both in the Netherlands and in the countries of origin. Beyond Borders supports, informs and stimulates the youngsters and organizations involved so that the target group has the chance of a dignified existence, wherever in the world. By means of information and training, Beyond Borders wishes to improve the future prospects of UMAs and ex-UMAs.

Stichting WereldWijd (WorldWide Foundation) is a training centre aimed at people from foreign origin and for people far removed from the labour market. WereldWijd provides brief training courses, offering prospects: NT2 (Dutch as a second language), knowledge of Dutch society and a profession-focused training course. WereldWijd also offers material support in the case of a return to the country of origin.

This website contains a collection of information about projects in the Netherlands which support people in organizing their future and a sustainable return to their country of origin, with links to the organizations in question. Via the search programme, you can look for a project in a particular country of origin and for a particular group such as UMAs.