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After 18…

When you turn 18, under Dutch law, you are an adult and the guardianship of Nidos will end. In most cases, you will therefore live in a different place.

-If your asylum application is still being processed, as an ex-UMA, you will be taken care of by the COA.

– If you have a residence permit (asylum or regular), you can live independently, work, study, or apply for benefit.

– In all cases, in plenty of time before your 18th birthday, the guardian at Nidos will draw up a plan along with you about what should happen so that you can continue independently when the guardianship of Nidos ends. In many municipalities, you can appeal for support to the Dutch Council for Refugees.

Obtaining your file

After you have turned 18 and you no longer have contact with Nidos, you might need specific documents from your file. In principle, Nidos keeps your file for 15 years. In order to obtain the documents that you require it is best to contact the head office in Utrecht. You can always call and/or send […]

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When you turn 18, the support from Nidos ends. Fortunately, this does not mean that from that time onwards you are alone. The organizations mentioned below can help you if you stay in the Netherlands or if you wish to return to your country of origin. If you click on the name of the organization, […]

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