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Living in the Netherlands

Where will you live?

If you are under guardianship with Nidos, there are various places where you can live. If you have family living in the Netherlands, your guardian will consider whether you can live with them. If you do not have any family living in the Netherlands and you are 12 years of age or younger, Nidos will […]

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When you arrive in the Netherlands, you will be tested for TB (Tuberculosis, a serious, sometimes infectious disease) and X-ray photos will be taken. You will not be tested for HIV/Aids. If you have Aids, this will not have an influence on your asylum procedure. It is not the case that youngsters with Aids have […]

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In the Netherlands, you have the right to an education until you are 18 years old. However, there is also a ‘compulsory school attendance’, which means that you are obliged to go to school. As an unaccompanied minor asylum seeker, you will receive the same education as children who were born in the Netherlands. Your […]

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Work placement

It will depend on your residence status whether you are allowed to do a work placement. In principle, all youngsters are allowed to do a work placement. However, if your asylum application is still being processed or it has been rejected, you will have to meet certain conditions. Application being processed: If your application is […]

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Whether you are allowed to work depends on your residence status. Is your application still being processed? If your application is still being processed and you are 16 years or older, you will have limited access to the labour market. You will have the right to short-term work, which means a maximum of 24 weeks […]

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After 18…

When you turn 18, under Dutch law, you are an adult and the guardianship of Nidos will end. In most cases, you will therefore live in a different place. -If your asylum application is still being processed, as an ex-UMA, you will be taken care of by the COA. – If you have a residence […]

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