Nidos Intranet


Welcome to this part of the Nidos website! On these pages, you will find information specifically for you, as youngster under the guardianship of Nidos. We have tried to gather all the information which can help you during the period that you are under guardianship. If you find information missing or the information is not clear, please let us know. You can do so via the contact page or via your own guardian. Much of the information which you will find on this website can also be found in the Life book (illustrated in the photo). All the youngsters of Nidos are given the Life book, which contains information about Nidos and about residing and living in the Netherlands. You can also write down or keep information yourself in the Life book. The Life book really belongs to you personally. When you met your guardian, he or she should have given you the Life book. If you have not yet received it from your guardian, ask him or her for it.