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Working as juvenile protector at Nidos

As juvenile protector at Nidos, within the framework of the guardianship, you are responsible for the support of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers and refugees. The support is aimed at creating conditions with regard to the reception, education and development of the youngster and his functioning in the Netherlands or his country of origin.

The juvenile protector carries out this task with respect for the own culture background of the youngster, puts the interests of the individual youngster first, manages his development towards independence and intervenes when that development is at risk of stagnation. Furthermore, the juvenile protector acts as family guardian within the framework of the Youth Care Act.

In order to be able to work as a juvenile protector at Nidos, you must have a professional attitude in dealing with asylum seekers and refugees. You are able to take and maintain control. You have organizational skills, are flexible and independent, and have a sense of responsibility. You must have the diploma HBO-MWD or SPH (higher professional education diploma in social work or social pedagogical work). You have a driving licence and your own transport. You are registered with the Youth Care Quality Register [Kwaliteitsregister Jeugdzorg] or you will register at the start of your employment.

Open applications can be sent to the P&O department:

PO box 13021
3507 LA Utrecht

Or by e-mail: