Nidos Intranet

Supervisory Board and Management

Nidos Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht under number 30176667.

Composition of the Supervisory Board of Nidos Foundation:

Mr J. Broertjes, chairman

Mrs N. van’t Hoogerhuijs, vice-chairman

Mrs E. Boot, member

Mr J. Wienen, member

Mr R.I. Andringa, member

Mrs D. Ghidei, member

Composition of the Management of Nidos Foundation:

Mr G.F.M. Verstegen, general manager

Mr C.A.J. de Kruijf, deputy manager

The general manager has the final responsibility and is responsible for the strategic policy and staff policy (incl. HR matters), all matters concerning the guardianship and the family guardianship, the foster care, the internal organization with regard to the assistance, the administration with regard to the assistance, automation management, facility management, internal public relations and external public relations.

The deputy manager is responsible for the financial management and the administrative organization.