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Nidos is a national organization that works on a general basis. It offers help to youngsters on the grounds of the provision within the authority and a measure for juvenile protection. Under Dutch law, the guardianship must be arranged for minor asylum seekers/aliens who arrive in the Netherlands without parents. Nidos requests the court for guardianship. The court decides about the guardianship and whether Nidos becomes guardian.

The guardian is the legal representative for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers/aliens, is responsible for their welfare and has the task of protecting the youngsters. Approximately 180 people who work at Nidos have the task of guardian. In addition, there are people who work in supporting functions, such as in the guardianship administration, the legal department and the ICT department. These people support the guardians in their work and make sure that everything runs properly within the organization.

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Working at Nidos

If you wish to work as a juvenile protector or a work placement student at Nidos or you are interested in a position within one of the supporting departments, click on the pages below for more information. If we have any vacancies, they will also be listed here. You can send an open application to […]

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Supervisory Board and Management

Nidos Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht under number 30176667. Composition of the Supervisory Board of Nidos Foundation: Mr J. Broertjes, chairman Mrs N. van’t Hoogerhuijs, vice-chairman Mrs E. Boot, member Mr J. Wienen, member Mr R.I. Andringa, member Mrs D. Ghidei, member Composition of the Management of Nidos Foundation: Mr G.F.M. Verstegen, […]

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The head office in Utrecht accommodates the management and supporting services, such as the staff, information, legal, and P&O departments, and facility management and automation management. The department for guardianship matters which is responsible for pupil administration is also accommodated in the head office. The actual support of the unaccompanied minor asylum seekers/aliens is provided […]

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> Head office and the regional offices of Nidos The head office and the regional offices of Nidos can be found in the following places: HEADOFFICE: Maliebaan 99, 3581 CH Utrecht. Postadres: postbus 13021, 3507 LA Utrecht. T 0885011200 F 0302391290 E (HEAD)OFFICE: OSTADELAAN: Adriaen van Ostadelaan 140, 3583 AM Utrecht. Postadres: postbus 13021, […]

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