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Reception and living in families

The majority of the UMAs are taken care of in Europe within institutional forms of care. Care within a family environment only takes place incidentally and knowledge about this is fragmented; while the ECHR states for instance that children should preferably grow up in a family environment. Care within families also appears to be a good solution in practice in the Netherlands, the application of which on a larger scale requires further research. In collaboration with an English and Swedish partner, under the ERG, Nidos is carrying out a project aimed at developing knowledge about the care of UMAs within families. The project promotes this form of care by increasing the knowledge available on this subject within the EU, connecting relevant stakeholders to each other, promoting ‘good and promising practices’ and offering country-specific strategies for increasing the number of UMAs who are taken care of within a family. For this purpose, in 2013, visits were made to Belgium and Hungary. In 2014, 8 other Member States will be visited. For the other Member States, the state of affairs will be charted by means of desk research. The project will end in early 2015 with a report with recommendations and a conference which stakeholders from the Member States will attend.