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Dublin support for guardians

In anticipation of the implementation of Dublin III as of January 2014 and the questions which this is expected to give rise to from the field, Nidos has started a project with partners from France and Belgium, under the European Refugee Fund (ERG). The project involves for instance developing a Dublin helpdesk for the guardians of UMAs and charting which organizations within a particular Member State can be approached when there is a question of a Dublin transfer of a UMA. In recent years, Nidos has built up a great deal of expertise regarding the supervision of UMAs in Dublin procedures. All the juvenile protectors of Nidos are supported in matters such as making the interests of the child concrete, obtaining insight into which factors are important in a family reunification process, and the way in which they can position themselves within Dublin procedures. This expertise will now also be available to other countries. Objectives of this project are formulating concrete steps for each Member State with regard to the reunification of UMAs with their family (care to care) and offering concrete support to guardians and other representatives in Dublin cases of UMAs, for example regarding practical problems in the reunification with the family. In October and November 2013, within the framework of this project, visits were made to Finland and Sweden. 8 visits are also planned for 2014. The project will end in late 2014 with a final report and a conference.