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The CONNECT project which Nidos is implementing, with a subsidy from the European Commission, along with organizations from Sweden, Italy and Great Britain, is aimed at identifying ‘good practices’ and improving the collaboration between actors involved in the care, protection and integration of UMAs in Europe. The project began on 1 October 2013 and has a duration of one year. The participating countries will develop practical tools for the improvement of various aspects of the care and protection of UMAs. The project will ultimately deliver at least four different instruments which can be used by various actors within the EU Member States. The results and recommendations will be presented in June 2014 at a conference in Brussels and in September 2014 at four national seminars in Italy, Sweden, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Within the project, Nidos will deliver a report which will give insight into possible instruments by means of which client participation can be given form to and feedback can be generated. In addition, Nidos will deliver a report which will give insight into the importance of working with a guardianship methodology and will make recommendations for follow-up steps and developments.