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Where Nidos stands for

Vision Nidos

The UMA (unaccompanied minor asylum seeker) has had to leave his trusted environment at a certain point to then further develop into an independent adult in a social and cultural environment completely new to him. The cultural uprooting, the limited knowledge of and embedment in this new environment, combined with his judicial position make him […]

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Nidos has recorded its methodology for guardianship and supervision in ‘Young and on the road’ [‘Jong en Onderweg’] (2009)” and ‘Parenthood and Uncertainty’ [‘Ouderschap en onzekerheid’] (2009). Both methods were developed under their own management. They fit with the then best practices such as the ‘Delta’ method and the national project ‘Better Protected’ [‘Beter Beschermd’], […]

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Mission Nidos

As an independent family guardian organization, under the law, Nidos fulfils the guardianship task for Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers. This task is carried out by professionals who, with respect for the own cultural background of the youngster, on the basis of commitment and with specific expertise, put the interests of the individual youngster first, manage […]

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Vision Nidos on return

In the support of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers (UMAs), Nidos is continually searching for a connection to the reality of the children. The subject of returning to the country of origin has already been a reality of UMAs for years, for which Nidos employees are continually in search of an effective way of representing the […]

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